Vol. 5 No. 3 (2016): Current Issues in the Linguistic Analysis of Literary Translation

Edited by Leena Kolehmainen (University of Eastern Finland), Esa Penttilä (University of Eastern Finland) and Piet van Poucke (Ghent University)

This special issue contains seven state-of-the-art contributions on the current linguistic study of literary translation. The articles discuss questions of translation as a special process of text production and explore linguistic properties of translated texts. Themes addressed cover a wide spectrum of issues including the use of neologisms, features of spoken discourse, individual and societal multilingualism, and grammatical categories such as the passive voice. These phenomena are studied from the perspective of previously formulated hypotheses and general claims of translation that are related to, for example, retranslation, indirect translation, and translation universals. When analyzed from the multidisciplinary perspective that is prevailing in the articles of this special issue, they can offer new insights not only for translation researchers but also for linguists and literary scholars.

Published: 2016-08-29