Instead of an Editorial: Mission Statements by Representatives of Both Fields


  • Anja Müller-Wood Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz



Cognitive Poetics, Dialogism, Pragmatics, Stylistics


The following mission statements by linguists and literary scholars working in different institutional and cultural contexts and at different stages of their careers are intended to map out the terrain covered by this journal. They tell similar stories about how these scholars came to cross the disciplinary boundary that too often divides their two fields, and they reveal a number of shared interests and emphases. But they also highlight the diversity of methodologies to which this journal is open – from metrics and stylistics to the cognitive sciences and Systemic Functional Grammar. The hopes and expectations voiced by the authors are partly pragmatic, expressing the wish that the journal’s Open Access format will have a broader reach than a journal published in the “traditional” way would, notably to colleagues outside of Western Europe. They also, however, emphasise the journal’s potential to shape our conception of “literary linguistics” and, therefore, to make an innovative contribution to shaping what continues to be a contested and often misunderstood “field”.